Thoughts of a Depressed Human

A big thank you to Gracie Hemphill for giving a sneak peak of her new poetry book, Thoughts of a Depressed Human, over on our Design Stories section. (click here to read ‘Apathy’ in full) The poem she has selected to showcase fits with the theme of Love, and shows how both complex and engaging Love can be.
Links to her social media feeds and website are below, as well as a link on where to pre-order ‘Thoughts of a Depressed Human’, which will be out on the 18th May.  20% of pre-order sales profits will be going to ‘Mind’ charity.
There are some interesting thoughts on her website.  Gracie is a freelance social media manager as well as a poet, and her blog post How Being a Social Media Manager Can Affect Your Mental Health  made me stop and think.  In a world where the amount of time we spend online is increasing, some people do it for work.  How does counting likes and reading comments affect someone mentally, when getting bigger views and numbers is important?  Her answers are very open and personal, and makes for an interesting read.
Twitter – @gracievhemphill
Instagram – @graciehemphill

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