About Oddsockloc

We are an online retailer that sells odd socks, in a slightly different way… We sell socks as singles, with a “pick and mix” approach.  Find your perfect combination within our ranges. For more information on the socks we sell visit the Products – Socks page

More than this, we want you to help us explore the concept of identity, and what means to us as individuals.  We want to share information of issues that affect our identity, which include anti-bullying and mental health awareness. Neurodiversity will also be a topic of discussion, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to get involved.

But Why Oddsockloc?

The idea started with a question. What if there was a way to make wearing any pair of odd socks acceptable, whilst making a statement at the same time? Introducing the Oddsockloc ankle band…

This is a collectable band that is worn just above the ankle. Worn with odd socks, the Oddsockloc is intended to show the world that odd socks are acceptable, and being different is acceptable. The band itself will come in a sealed non see through bag, so you will not know which one you will get… A common or rare design. Collect. Swap. Make a statement. That is the aim of the Oddsockloc. 

Identity Sock Range

Under the Identity range sits 3 themes – Joy, World, Unique. Each theme will have 3 sub-themes, with each design having its own name and story. Mix and match the socks, mix and match the themes.  This is a new approach to odd socks – create your own pairs from our product list, with many different combinations possible.

Design Stories

Taking the designs as inspiration, we want you to share with us what these themes mean to you and how they link in with your identity 

Through social media we will be encouraging you to submit your own ideas on what these themes mean to you. The ideas behind the identity theme will keep changing to reflect your views. Some of the ideas you present will be displayed on the Design Stories page for all to see. We want to hear what the themes mean to you.

Further information

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