Dream job

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a nurse. I would say I like to help people but it’s more than that, it’s almost a need and I can’t explain it. The thought of some one in distress causes me distress and it can be exhausting. I wanted to go to college when I left school but my mum said I had to get a job( I won’t add the expletives that she used) and then told me to leave home at 17. After years of struggling I was finally in a position to go to college after my first daughter was born and got a place on a access to higher education course but unfortunately it was just too difficult with a newborn and long story short it took me another 10 years to get back but this time I had to resit my English, maths and science GCSEs. I failed my maths and it took anther 2 years to pass. I did extra courses and volunteered and and finally aged 36 I got into uni (the first in my family) and just as I was getting ready to start my final year I failed an assignment. I’m back to resit but this is my final chance. if I fail again I’m off the course and after some serious financial hardship and psychological stress I cant let this happen. My mental health more than anything needs this to happen. I know I would be an amazing mental health nurse and I genuinely have the passion to help others but what if it doesn’t happen ? How do I tell my kids I failed ? I don’t know what else I could do and I’m so invested in this I don’t think I could cope if I failed. Wish me luck ..I need all I can get.