Laurie Morgan, #DifferentByDefault

As her s her twitter handle states, Laurie Morgan is definitely #DifferentByDefault. An individual of many talents, Laurie is in high demand for her skills. These include Autism training, workshops, and talks on the subject. Being Autistic herself, she has first hand experience of difficulties faced in the work place, and is a good educator for both Neuro-typical and Neuro-diverse individuals alike.

If that was not enough, Laurie has another skill; writing. Her book, ‘Travelling by Train – the Journey of an Autistic Mother’ is due out spring 2020. I have read the first chapter, and was instantly gripped. Full of emotion, the style plays with the time line and gets you invested from the start.


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Here is a snippet from the first chapter, used with kind permission from Laurie


“Eddy, or more formally, Edmund Robin Alexander was born at home, 25th October, 1993. My waters broke to the Eagles’ song, Hotel California. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light, it went. He was a strong, solid baby of eight pounds, six ounces and didn’t look like one of mine. His red face and thick, dark, hair was a sharp contrast to my older two, who had been born blond, fair skinned and much smaller. They’d a different father and although I should have expected my new baby to look different, his red face and dark hair was quite a surprise but he was handsome. We spent the rest of the day dozing on the sofa Edmund had been born on. More than once, I looked down at him to check he was real and asleep in my arms. On day three, when my milk came through and hormones went crazy, the familiar tearful day came I’d experienced with the older two children. I sat on the edge of my bed, cradling Edmund and drowning him with tears. I thought of my other two children, living with their father and how much I missed them. As I rocked him, I looked down at the peaceful baby and said nobody is going to take you away from me.”

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