Your Design Stories

My Lockdown

Once, I read a poem about coronavirus, It sucked so I’m writing my own. I have nothing better to do Now that I’m stuck at home. I hate this lockdown. I want to feel the breeze, But at least I don’t have to Sit my GCSE’S. My dad likes to watch football But now he must do without. My mum is online shopping And the pasta is sold out. My brothers play online games Or talk to their friends. Meanwhile I just stay in my bedroom Waiting for this lockdown to end. Boris Johnson is missing. The Queen gave a speech. We are all in this together Despite being out of reach.

Dream job

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a nurse. I would say I like to help people but it’s more than that, it’s almost a need and I can’t explain it. The thought of some one in distress causes me distress and it can be exhausting. I wanted to go to college when I left school but my mum said I had to get a job( I won’t add the expletives that she used) and then told me to leave home at 17. After years of struggling I was finally in a position to go to college after my first daughter was born and got a place on a access to higher education course but unfortunately it was just too difficult with a newborn and long story short it took me another 10 years to get back but this time I had to resit my English, maths and science GCSEs. I failed my maths and it took anther 2 years to pass. I did extra courses and volunteered and and finally aged 36 I got into uni (the first in my family) and just as I was getting ready to start my final year I failed an assignment. I’m back to resit but this is my final chance. if I fail again I’m off the course and after some serious financial hardship and psychological stress I cant let this happen. My mental health more than anything needs this to happen. I know I would be an amazing mental health nurse and I genuinely have the passion to help others but what if it doesn’t happen ? How do I tell my kids I failed ? I don’t know what else I could do and I’m so invested in this I don’t think I could cope if I failed. Wish me luck ..I need all I can get.

Apathy – Gracie Hemphill

I want love. I yearn for unstable. I need to be up at three in the morning. I hunger to be able to need someone. I love objects and materials. Because that’s easy. But I want someone to make me feel sick with love. Nauseous of the thought of losing them. I desire a purpose. I don’t want to be able to walk away from the situation. With barely a tear on my face. I need to feel. How can I expect anyone to love me? If I can’t love them? I want to be completely on top of the world. As well as being so close to hell. I want to get so fixated with another individual. That I remember the exact shape of their eyes. And the colour they glow. I want to feel butterflies. I want to get anxious. I want to have a reason to impress someone. I want pain. A fire burning throughout my heart and veins. Rather than being stone cold constantly. Candles rather than ice cubes. I want to feel alive.   I want a reason to feel happiness. I want dopamine. Instead of a zombified soul.

World – Journey

Everyone will embark on a journey at some point in their life, some will even have multiple, whether that be completely by choice or by circumstance. A journey doesn’t necessarily mean having to go anywhere, you can stay in one place your whole life and still experience many obstacles and trials on your path, it can be taken in a very metaphorical sense and it doesn’t matter how big or how small that journey is, what matters is that you never lose sight of what you’re trying to reach or where you’re trying to get to. Not only can a journey be a path to a destination… it can be a path to yourself and your personal goals. The road may be long and treacherous at times but no great adventure ever started with everything being as it should be. It takes courage and hope to step out of the comforts of your front door into the unknown wild. On every journey, we meet fellow weary travellers that we share the road with for a short time before parting at the crossroads. But on these roads, we also meet loyal companions who will stay until the end and thereafter… Unfortunately, we also meet a few monsters. Such is the way of life. So to anyone on their own journey right now… keep going, stay safe; dare to be adventurous but never lose sight of your destination and If you ever find yourself lost in the dark, look to the stars……….  Instagram: @crimsonoctober_poetry

Joy – Dreams & Wishes

For the longest time I have been wanting to be a magician like David Copperfield. This started because one day my mum bought me a pack of cards. I didn’t really know what they were for but I enjoyed the patterns on them. I later on discovered it was possible to play games and perform tricks. I want to be able to travel around to different places and events performing entertaining magic for all to see.

Journey Design Story

It’s probably impossible to get to know yourself without exploring both yourself and the things that surround you.
Each time you see something new it becomes a part of you – be it a place, a person or just a little spark that catches your eye.
That’s why your life is actually a journey of collecting tiny pieces of the world you’re exploring that will decide on who you are today.
Every time you look into yourself you’ll be something new and you’ll be able to see parts of every place you’ve been to and every single person you have encountered fitted into one beautiful YOU.