World – Journey

Everyone will embark on a journey at some point in their life, some will even have multiple, whether that be completely by choice or by circumstance. A journey doesn’t necessarily mean having to go anywhere, you can stay in one place your whole life and still experience many obstacles and trials on your path, it can be taken in a very metaphorical sense and it doesn’t matter how big or how small that journey is, what matters is that you never lose sight of what you’re trying to reach or where you’re trying to get to. Not only can a journey be a path to a destination… it can be a path to yourself and your personal goals. The road may be long and treacherous at times but no great adventure ever started with everything being as it should be. It takes courage and hope to step out of the comforts of your front door into the unknown wild. On every journey, we meet fellow weary travellers that we share the road with for a short time before parting at the crossroads. But on these roads, we also meet loyal companions who will stay until the end and thereafter… Unfortunately, we also meet a few monsters. Such is the way of life. So to anyone on their own journey right now… keep going, stay safe; dare to be adventurous but never lose sight of your destination and If you ever find yourself lost in the dark, look to the stars……….  Instagram: crimsonoctober_poetry