Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Okay Mental Health Awareness Day, lets do this. Bike jacket on. Wave to my kids. Run towards the door.  Oh no, Lego on the floor! cant go over it, or under it, got to go through it. Ouch ouch ouch. Make it out the door.on the bike ride off the drive looking like Tom Cruise in mission impossible. Oh no… forgot my lunch.

This is a typical morning for me, but today I had more haste. Is that even a term? It is now. Because today I needed to make a pit stop @Sainsburys.  For a yellow tie.

Across social media #HelloYellow has been trending.  People from all walks of life have come together to help raise awareness on the issues of mental health and how we deal with it.  Mental Health Awareness Day 2019 was in full swing.

Maybe deal is not the right word. Cope is better.  Or handle.  The thing is, mental health differs from person to person, it is very much an individual thing, hence the reason why we chose it as one of our focus topics; because it is part of our individuality.  And because it is different for everyone, there have been lots of different emotions being expressed by people today.  Hope, togetherness, anger, frustration, I think I have seen every possible emotion shared. And that it okay, because that makes us unique.

Some common threads though.  We need action, not just words on one day.  We need to listen.  We need to learn the signs.  We need to be a friend again, or we need a friend to be there for us.  We should not feel ashamed for asking for help.

In a country… or even a world… we have become increasingly divided.  So it was good to see this being put to one side today.  Long may that continue.

From a personal point of view I intend to practice what I speak.  I have not always handled my own mental health issues the right way, something I am working hard to improve.  For me it was good to read, learn and be inspired today.  I think I used the phrases such as ‘keep up the good work’ and ‘awesome’ when commenting on the different organisations involved, but each one came from the heart I promise!  sometimes an ‘awesome’ covers it for me.  I say it a lot.

I never got a tie though.  The staff @Sainsburys  were… awesome (see, over use, I’m going to get told off.) in helping me find a nice yellow top to go over my shirt.  Good job really, I don’t really like ties.


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