The Odd Blog

The Oddblog… here you will find the thoughts of the Oddsockloc team. This could range from discussing issues that affect our individuality, through to the team talking about themselves.  As part of our Oddsockloc aims we will be exploring what makes us unique, and the challenges we face as part of that.

Through the Oddblog we will also be sharing information on topics such Metal health awareness, bullying, and neurodiversity.  This information could be the opinions of the team, or sign posts to other organisations where help is available. We will be asking questions, of which there may be no right or wrong answers.

There will be posts about what is going on behind the scenes of Oddsocloc and updates on new products in development.  Maybe the odd poem if the team are feeling creative!

If you feel that there are issues around identity that you wish to discuss please feel free to message us on social media or email us in confidence, and we may be able to use the Oddblog to help you.  We want you to be part of the Oddsockloc journey. Remember, it is alright to be different as being different makes us unique.

cat collection 3

New Product Range

This collection is made to make you smile! Each set contains 10 single ankle socks in 5 different colours, making it the purrrfect giftset for cat lovers. 

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