Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

yellowtop 1

Okay Mental Health Awareness Day, lets do this. Bike jacket on. Wave to my kids. Run towards the door.  Oh no, Lego on the floor! cant go over it, or under it, got to go through it. Ouch ouch ouch. Make it out the door.on the bike ride off the drive looking like Tom Cruise […]

Oddsockloc is here. Join us on this odd sock journey!

Well it has certainly been a lot of work to get here, but we are now live.  Phew! Now the real odd sock journey is beginning, one that I hope you can join me on. Making a difference one sock at a time. What started as a heap of odd socks has turned into something […]

New Product Range

cat collection 3

This collection is made to make you smile! Each set contains 10 single ankle socks in 5 different colours, making it the purrrfect giftset for cat lovers.