My Lockdown

Once, I read a poem about coronavirus, It sucked so I’m writing my own. I have nothing better to do Now that I’m stuck at home. I hate this lockdown. I want to feel the breeze, But at least I don’t have to Sit my GCSE’S. My dad likes to watch football But now he […]

Dream job

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a nurse. I would say I like to help people but it’s more than that, it’s almost a need and I can’t explain it. The thought of some one in distress causes me distress and it can be exhausting. I wanted to go to […]

Thoughts of a Depressed Human

A big thank you to Gracie Hemphill for giving a sneak peak of her new poetry book, Thoughts of a Depressed Human, over on our Design Stories section. (click here to read ‘Apathy’ in full) The poem she has selected to showcase fits with the theme of Love, and shows how both complex and engaging […]

Apathy – Gracie Hemphill

I want love. I yearn for unstable. I need to be up at three in the morning. I hunger to be able to need someone. I love objects and materials. Because that’s easy. But I want someone to make me feel sick with love. Nauseous of the thought of losing them. I desire a purpose. I don’t want to be able to walk away from the situation. With barely a tear on my face. I need to feel. How can I expect anyone to love me? If I can’t love them? I want to be completely on top of the world. As well as being so close to hell. I want to get so fixated with another individual. That I remember the exact shape of their eyes. And the colour they glow. I want to feel butterflies. I want to get anxious. I want to have a reason to impress someone. I want pain. A fire burning throughout my heart and veins. Rather than being stone cold constantly. Candles rather than ice cubes. I want to feel alive.   I want a reason to feel happiness. I want dopamine. Instead of a zombified soul.

Lets talk about Anna Grace

Lets talk about Anna Grace, and her YouTube channel ‘Anna Grace My Life With Bipolar Disorder’. On my quest to learn as much as I can about as many different types of mental health conditions, I have been lead down many interesting paths.  Some have been very clinical, teaching me the medical side of mental […]

Laurie Morgan, #DifferentByDefault

As her s her twitter handle states, Laurie Morgan is definitely #DifferentByDefault. An individual of many talents, Laurie is in high demand for her skills. These include Autism training, workshops, and talks on the subject. Being Autistic herself, she has first hand experience of difficulties faced in the work place, and is a good educator […]

Anti Bullying Week 2019

A little bit late for Anti Bullying Week 2019. The reason? A lot of reading people’s thoughts and seeing the good that groups are doing, all good stuff.  Also, kind of left it late intentionally, to help keep the momentum up now that the week has ended. The problems still exist. When starting this journey […]

Autism – The start of the journey of knowledge

Why do we disagree with each other all the time? Because we are individuals.  In this blog, ‘Autism – The start of the journey of knowledge’, I will be touching on the divisions within the Autism community. Autism community, should you be saying that? The answer to this is that I don’t know. I thought […]

Mental Health Awareness Day 2019

Okay Mental Health Awareness Day, lets do this. Bike jacket on. Wave to my kids. Run towards the door.  Oh no, Lego on the floor! cant go over it, or under it, got to go through it. Ouch ouch ouch. Make it out the door.on the bike ride off the drive looking like Tom Cruise […]

Oddsockloc is here. Join us on this odd sock journey!

Well it has certainly been a lot of work to get here, but we are now live.  Phew! Now the real odd sock journey is beginning, one that I hope you can join me on. Making a difference one sock at a time. What started as a heap of odd socks has turned into something […]